Westside Club REOPENING

After over 1 year of being closed, the Westside Club reopened on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Club Rules (Revised July 29, 2021)

  1. Starting July 31, masks must be worn inside the Club.
  2. No entry if running a temperature or experiencing flu-like symptoms. If you are sick, please stay home!
  3. The Snack Bar (coffee/vending machines) is not open, and no food is permitted except at celebration meetings. Please feel free to bring your own coffee or other (non-alcoholic!) beverage.
  4. Windows open or closed are at the discretion of each meeting, however if you open the windows please close them after the meeting.
  5. If you become ill or learn of possible exposure to COVID, please alert the Westside Club at info@westsideclub.org. The Club will post this information (date and time of meeting, NOT identifying the attendee) on the Club website for one month. Meeting attendees are invited to regularly visit the Club website to learn of any possible exposure(s).
  6. We hope and expect to change (and loosen) these rules over time and suggestions are welcome at the Club email: info@westsideclub.org.

You can find a list of in-person meetings happening at the club here: https://westsideclub.org/meetings

In service,
the Westside Club House Committee