Adopted November 1, 2016

1. Tradition 1: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity.
2. Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.
3. The Club’s bylaws under III. Governance provide for elections of trusted servants, the Board (House Committee), and its authority to enforce these

Rules of Behavior. The members of the House Committee can be contacted  by writing to the Club’s email: wsideclub@gmail.com . This contact information will be posted on the Club’s website, westsideclub.org, and posted on the Club’s bulletin board.

MISSION: The Westside Club’s mission is to provide a clean and safe (emotional, mental and physical) environment for its guests and members. To maintain an atmosphere of respect for all persons, the Club stipulates:

1. No emotional, verbal, physical or electronic/digital abuse, harassment or bullying.
2. No sexual misconduct, abuse or harassment.
3. No drugs or alcohol on the premises, including the stairwell.
4. No panhandling, gambling, loitering or sleeping in or near the Club.
5. No weapons, guns, knives; fighting, threatening, intimidating, criminal or illegal behavior. Any violation of local or federal law is considered a violation of the Club’s mission.
6. No yelling or offensive language; noisy, disruptive behavior; playing loud music or vandalism.
7. No animals or pets of any kind are allowed in the Club except service animals which are allowed if they are leashed at all times.
8. The Club asks that everyone honor the tradition of anonymity. The Club’s membership email list is for the use of House Committee members only.
9. All children must be supervised by an adult or guardian. The Club does not provide supervision. If children are unattended or disruptive, they and the persons responsible for them will be required to leave.

In the case of any misconduct outlined above, any attendee at the Club is
encouraged to report it to a member of the House Committee and/or the person at
the snack bar immediately.

The person at the snack bar, in turn, will convey the information to the House Committee. The House Committee members will investigate each grievance and determine the appropriate action needed in order to
maintain a safe environment for all attendees of meetings.

Further discussion of enforcement procedures and the appeals process can be found in the Bylaws and
Enforcement Procedures on the Club’s website, www.westsideclub.org . The Enforcement Procedures are attached.

The Westside Club expects all attendees to help maintain this safe and respectful environment. No one person or persons is more important than the various groups who meet at the club.