Listen to Joe and Charlie Tapes Here

The Joe and Charlie big book tapes have been floating around AA for years. Meetings have been formed because of them, the tapes have been passed along and shared among members, and controversy and discussions about AA traditions ensued. What was so wonderful about their active service is that it motivated many people into action, recovery, and forming opinions about AA and its traditions.

Thanks to to, you can also hear some of the tapes below as the people at that site have generously allowed the Westside Club to download the History of AA recordings. Simply click on the arrow on the player below the title of the part you want to listen to, turn up your speakers, and enjoy.

History of AA Part 1

History of AA Part 2

History of AA Part 3

History of AA Part 4

Also you can listen to “The doctor’s opinion”, Bill’s story and “There is a solution” by clicking the links below.

The doctor’s opinion Part 1

The doctor’s opinion Part 2

The doctor’s opinion Part 3

Bills’s Story Part 1

Bills’s Story Part 2

There is a solution