House Committee

The Westside Club annually elects a House Committee composed of five to seven members for the purpose of overseeing all activities of the club. The House Committee meets once a month and meetings are open to members. Duties include regulation of the club, the establishment of rules for club usage and engagement of a club manager and treasurer. All significant decisions with respect to the club’s financial situation are made by the House Committee. A copy of the House Committee By-Laws is included in the following section entitled By-Laws.

House Committee Members

Thank you for your continuing support of the WSC House Committee that tackles the business of operating the Westside Club (WSC). They keep the lights on, the doors open and the coffee hot.

Please note that the term of House Committee membership is two years and some of our members are finishing out the term of another member or are in their second year. Current committee officers are: George, Jess, John, Vanessa, and Sheryl. We are looking to expand and educate our fellow members in the workings of the Westside Club.  If  you are interested in service and eventually running for office, please contact us.

Questions concerning the House Committee should be directed to