AUGUST 28, 2017
The old Bunn Coffee Machine has been relegated to the library.  Reportedly, this boiler of a machine made a million cups of coffee.  The new Bunn Coffee Machine is a bit smaller, faster and has some technology involved so read the instructions if you have time…or not!  We’ve got plenty of coffee and look forward to everyone’s return after a hopefully brilliant Summer.

May 19, 2017


The HVAC unit in the Club will be under repair for the next ten days. We would ask meeting chairs (particularly at noon) to arrive a bit early to make sure your group is comfortable and if necessary, switch to another room.


The weather with the exception of a few days is supposed to be between 70 and 80 degrees.  The only issue will be this coming Sunday and we are working to make the Big Room comfortable. Dress appropriately.  As there is window A/C in the two small rooms and the reading room, those meetings will be unaffected.

As always, please make sure you lock the door on your way out,

May 3, 2017

As we drift into Summer, the House Committee is happy to announce that floors, furniture and windows have been cleaned, hallway lighting replaced, a prudent reserve restored, website rebuilt, taxes done, and closets cleaned. There is a new refrigerator in the kitchen and we have streamlined ordering supplies and set up an inventory system for buying and maintaining our small library of books.  We are planning a few special events to welcome in Summer and will put out more information on these events as the weeks go by.


House Committee elections are coming up in October. If you are interested in working with the Club, please put your name and area of interest and email us at The current committee has organized the tasks of managing the Club into discrete activities so each board member specializes in a specific function of managing the club.

*****In an attempt to establish better communications throughout the Club, we would ask that if you are a key holder or the chair of a meeting, please send your contact information to  We are assembling a chart of meetings and chairs.

The Club is running on a largely volunteer basis with part-time salaries  minimized.  We have examined the Club’s financials in detail and have made changes to reduce costs.  Nevertheless, Westside Club routinely has only about two hundred dollars a week extra which goes to our prudent reserve.  The House Committee has committed to keep the Club running on the funds from the membership and basket donations. To date, we have succeeded. The “Bagelthon” and “Book Sale” brought in enough money to supplement the Bagel Meeting for six months and keep up with the free pamphlets we provide to newcomers at the door to the club.

Every club has its charm and Westside’s is not only in the crowded Sunday bagel meetings but in the many small meetings in large sunlit rooms which happen during the week.  We eliminated some meetings which weren’t well attended and started others always with a mind to comfortable and successful growth.

We look forward to your participation!  Have a great Summer!


BagelisFreeAgain v1


If you missed the opportunity to  contribute to the bagelthon

this morning, you can cruise over to our online store where you can make a donation, renew your membership and peruse the books we have on sale at the Coffee Bar.  We have set up an ordering system so that we consistently have the books that are most in demand and in the AA tradition.  In that same organizational vein we are embarking upon a “how to” guide for managing Westside Club and serving the many wonderful members who attend.

The Club is financially solvent and spending is on an even keel.  We are making incremental but substantial improvements to the facilities in line with a continually balanced budget.  We welcome your suggestions and invite you to participate in the House Committee and other volunteer activities.  Sobriety and Community seem to go hand-in-hand. Your generosity at the basket and as volunteers is key to the Club’s continued success.

The email address for the  club is  All of the house committee members have access and check the mail on a daily basis so you will normally get a response pretty quickly.

Children in the Club
The Board recently had reason to examine this issue as club members are bringing their children to the club to do  “volunteer work” for school or community projects.  For the sake of our members anonymity and for the peace of mind of the volunteers behind the coffee bar, we will ask that parents no longer use the Club for these projects.  We cannot justify the liability. The coffee machines in the kitchen area are dangerous.

We would like to stress that children are welcome to the club for OPEN MEETINGS. As one member recently wrote:

“I agree with the house committee completely regarding children volunteering, and had another thought as well – it deprives us of our opportunity for service.  Unlike the Unity Club, our coffee bar and book sales and managed by those in recovery, not owned by individuals with paid staff.

I have long been a proponent of letting people bring children to open meetings, especially when it is the case that that is the only way someone can get to a meeting and stay clean and sober.  It is a slightly different interaction and usually the children are babies or very young whereas the age of the children volunteers did seem to be a factor in the anonymity issue.”

Send your comments/thoughts/musing to

  •  The Westside Club welcomes Service and Support dogs, but they must be leashed and by their owner’s side at all times while in the Club. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy. Wandering animals are disruptive and can affect other meeting attendees with allergies or who do not share your affection for dogs.
For Club safety purposes, we have a few important items on hand in case of emergency:
2 fire extinguishers, one by the front door and one by the snack bar; a first aid kit in the office;
and some ice melt.
Note:  If you need to update your mailing information, you can  do so by writing to

 Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.40.38 PM

Sunday March 5, 2017


If Sunday mornings are any measure, life is good at Westside Club.  The coffee is hot, the bagels fresh and on the sobriety front, we had Mr. Lee celebrate 41 years at the 10:30 meeting. He is an extraordinary speaker and the shares following his opening were lively and optimistic.  If you have suggestions,  send us a note at  Steve and Kevin try to make weekend meetings to coordinate with various groups and to make sure we are serving the the club as well as possible. Sunday AM is a great time to take care of informal business, get a key, learn how to work the doors, and make plans for new meetings. No need to go to the suggestion box when you can kvetch in person!

Speaking of which, we have two new meetings: a men’s Tuesday night (7PM) celebration meeting chaired by Josh H. In its third week, there were thirty-five in attendance–a great start for a new group.  Ashley Alumni will be meeting Wednesday’s every third week of the month.  Both meetings are “open” and all are invited.  There are flyers around the club and they will be posted on the meeting schedule.

The House Committee is also doing a lot of Spring Cleaning!  We are happy to announce that the chairs and rugs will be professionally cleaned and the floors sanded, polished and varnished.  We’ll be having a professional contractor in to clean all the chairs and carpets on March 20th and the hardwood floors on March 27th. We’ll also be following up with window washing at a date TBD.

Finally, the book sale brought in about three hundred dollars which enabled us to buy new literature.  House Committee members check the mailbox several times a day so feel free to address your concerns and suggestions for improvement to us. And look forward to a new T-shirt sale.  Make sure you sign up for the email list so that you get notifications of club activities.





First Quarter Westside House Committee

Come to the First Quarter Westside House Committee
Open Meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.
All members are welcome!
There will be light refreshments and an opportunity
to catch up on the status of the Club and see
“How it works.”

Have you ever wondered how Westside survived for 35 years?  How things get done around the Westside Club?  Some things are handled by the volunteer House Committee members, some by the groups themselves, some by our small team of paid workers, and some by volunteers.  If you pay attention, you’ll see people stepping up when they see a need.

Twenty-three years ago one of our members noticed that no one was changing the plastic letters on the board that announces the anniversary celebrants who’d signed up to bring the Saturday night meeting that month.   A fellow named Quincy had always handled that small but important job but he passed away, so it wasn’t getting done and for a while no one noticed.  But then Tom S noticed, and he started coming in to make sure the names, celebration dates, and anniversary numbers were posted.  A few years later, Tom married Karen, and she designed monthly sign-up sheets to make the whole process easier.  Volunteers who step up can make all the difference in the world!  Thank you, Tom and Karen!

Look around you when you come to Westside.  See something that needs doing?  Something that needs improvement?  Maybe that task has your name on it!  If you’d like to volunteer, speak to a member of the House Committee or to the person at the snack bar.  We offer volunteer training by request and can also suggest ways for you to get involved.  Volunteer to be of service at the Westside Club!!

Guess who it really helps.

  •  The Westside Club welcomes Service and Support dogs, but they must be leashed and by their owner’s side at all times while in the Club. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy. Wandering animals are disruptive and can affect other meeting attendees with allergies or who do not share your affection for dogs.
For Club safety purposes, we have a few important items on hand in case of emergency:
2 fire extinguishers, one by the front door and one by the snack bar; a first aid kit in the office;
and some ice melt.
Note:  If you need to update your mailing information, you can  do so by writing to
  You can subscribe to this newsletter at our website


There will be a FEDERAL HOLIDAY MEETING at 10:30 a.m. in addition to our regularly scheduled meetings.

Best wishes to all for a sober, healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year!
 The Westside Club ended the old year with a successful “mini-alkathon” and started the new year on Sunday morning with full meetings, bagels, and lots of good cheer.  At this time of year, we have many newcomers who have been brought to their knees by their holiday festivities (and we mean drinking and using) and are now looking for a new way of life.  Westside Club and its members are happy to welcome them!

Resolve to Get Involved in 2017!
  • Go to a meeting you’ve never been to before – maybe on a different day or time than usual.
  • Make a donation.
  • Sign up to celebrate your AA anniversary at the Saturday Night Speaker Meeting.
  • Become a Member
  • Share your experience, strength, and hope in a meeting.
  • Find yourself a new Home Group at the Club.
  • Be the hand of AA for the newcomer.
  • Chair a meeting.
  • Start a meeting.
  • Check out the list of Character Defects on the wall in the Main room.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Volunteer for a service position.
  • Make a suggestion about how we can improve.
  • Become a member!!!

2016 Accomplishments
Last year, the Westside Club – with the help of many caring and committed members – was able to
  • ESTABLISH BETTER COMMUNICATIONS with our new website and our regular email newsletters.  You can sign up for newsletter deliveries on the Westside Club Website.
  • HOST 33 weekly meetings
  • INCREASE attendance at all meetings
  • RE-ESTABLISH A PRUDENT RESERVE.  Special thanks goes to the generous members who made special donations to support the financial health of the Club!
  • CELEBRATE Founders’ Night with charter members sharing their memories of the Club’s early days; provide a full Thanksgiving Dinner; and schedule a number of holiday activities and meetings for Christmas and New Year’s.
  • HOST other groups, organizations, and activities in our beautiful space.
  • MAKE improvements to the physical plant, including a new metal floor at the top of the steps  and improved hallway lighting.
  • CONDUCT a very successful membership drive that added thirty new members to the Club’s roster and resulted in over two hundred renewals.
  • CONTINUE to offer bagels at the Sunday Bagel Meetings (thanks to several anonymous members). 
  • APPROVE a new clarified “Code of Conduct” produced by a member committee of “Old Timers” who worked for six days to produce this document.
  • INSTITUTE a mix of volunteers and paid part-time staff members to handle some of the chores around the Club, resulting in an

You can help by VOLUNTEERING!  We have a sign up form and a calendar to make it easier to volunteer.  We are conducting training sessions for volunteers both to serve coffee.  Wait till you work with “BIG BUNN,” our beloved coffee machine!  It’s a thrill you don’t want to miss!


  • Friday, January 20, 2017 is Inauguration Day.  There will be a FEDERAL HOLIDAY MEETING at 10:30 a.m. in addition to our regularly scheduled Friday meetings.
Note:  If you need to update your mailing information, you can  do so by writing to



On the next two weekends, Marianne and Ellie will be renewing memberships and issuing Christmas cheer as you enter the Club.  This last couple of months have shown us record attendance at all the meetings, and we are hoping that the membership drive will reflect those numbers.  Meeting attenders who become members help to support the work of Westside through their dues.  A healthy budget allows us to plan events and activities, introduce improvements like the new LED warm lighting just installed at the Club, keep up with necessary maintenance, and ensure that the doors will be open for the newcomer.  Another great reason to be a member is that your contribution is tax deductible. We are a registered 501C3, The membership table will be set up through Saturday, December 31st for any “late birds” who want to join in 2016.

The Board has been running a quiet drive to raise enough money to buy a $20,000.00 CD as both a prudent reserve and a symbol of stability.  With everyone’s generosity so far, we have raised $14,900, which is 75% of our goal of $20,000 for the campaign which ends on December 31st.  We encourage you to consider the Westside Club in your end-of- year giving.  Please help us ensure that the Westside Club will keep its doors open to welcome the newcomer for many years to come (a day at a time, of course!).  For further information, speak with a Board member or write

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Westside Club was absolutely amazing. Frank R. started the day with a witty recollection of Thanksgivings past and sixty plus people sat down to a feast.  Trudy, Ellie, Beth and Jonell organized the catering and were there at six in the AM to open the club and were joined by James and Issac.    Thanks to every one for your generosity and a great day and a successful event.


Thursday, November 24th
Join us for a day of gratitude and thanksgiving!

Following the
10:30 A.M. Holiday Meeting
****led by Frank R, one of our founding members!

Noon – 2:00 PM
Dinner served in the Carpenter Room
Turkey, Dressing, Side Dishes and fixings.

***Desserts welcome –bring a pie or make your own.

Please remember to sign up in advance! You can notify us at

****Sponsorship opportunities available – contribute in the coffee cans.g




It’s been 35 years since a group of drunks put together some money and founded a club on the west side of town. Prior to that, Metropolis Club was the only place in town for alcoholics to call their own. Today Westside Club has thirty three-meetings per week. With 220 members, the Club serves up sobriety through meetings and fellowship to approximately 600 people every week.

Victor B. will be speaking and has promised to tell at last the TRUE STORY behind the founding of the club. We are looking forward to a fun-filled and exuberant evening.



Service for Success!

While we are turning the ship financially, we need further commitment from members to have our club remain financially viable. Service positions open (one year commitment preferred) not more than three hours per week:

  • Purchasing Agent/Quartermaster : to work with clerk on placing weekly supply orders.  Taken
  • Assistant Treasurers: to assist with weekly counting and deposit of receipts. Two volunteers proficient in Excel needed.
  • Communications Assistant: to respond to website questions and monitor phone messages as well as web development.
  • MEETING CHAIRS!!! Many of our chairs have been in service at the same meetings for up to or over a year. We need more people to commit to chairing meetings in order to offer a wider variety of well -prepared leaders.

***In return, you get to be more sober, be inspiring to and be inspired by sober people and get a t-shirt!


Due to popular demand, we are offering T-Shirts with our custom artwork.
Volunteers get a free T-Shirt!


SEPTEMBER 27, 2016:  828 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.40.08 PM

Ninety-two percent of the members who returned their ballots (95 out of 220) voted to amend the bylaws as they are now posted on the bylaw page along with a detailed explanation of why the changes were necessary.

At the meeting on Tuesday, September 27th, it was particularly gratifying to have a UNANIMOUS show-of-hands vote bring these new bylaws into being, and the matter was unanimously voted closed at 7:28PM.  Victor B. and Frank R., founding members of Westside, and David D., long-time member, were present to act as senior statesmen and parliamentarians. After the vote, there was an interesting discussion of Bill Wilson’s Concepts for World Service.

The meeting finished, as is Kevin W’s custom, in one hour.  Everyone in the room left feeling full (ice cream cakes and cookies were in abundance with many thanks to Lauren B. and James R. who  volunteered to make and serve coffee and beverages).  And everyone left the room gratified that the bylaws and  Westside Club Board’s authority to act had been unanimously approved, and we can move on with improvements to Westside Club.

****ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS INTERNET POLICIES. (Please click on this link and read)  During this period of voting, many members chose to express their opinions online using emails they had collected “here and there.”  They sent messages — you may have received some of them — to people who had not requested them.  We are fully entitled to use modern forms of communication (the “inter web” as my friend Marty calls it), but we have to be responsible and to guard our own anonymity and that of others.

If you get unsolicited email, please let the sender know that you do not approve.  In AA, we advocate personal responsibility so it is up to you to enforce proper guidelines and etiquette. 


2017 Operating Plan

A. Daily Management                                                                                        1. “Working Supervisors” ‐ House Committ􀆩ee involved in key management positi􀆟ons

B. Staffing
1. No full ti􀆟me club manager
2. Part time administrati􀆟ve clerk
3. Part ti􀆟me cleaner and snack bar clerk
[Minimum $30K year savings]

C. Snack Bar Management
1. Limit access to supplies only to those responsible for purchasing
2. Increase self reliance of weekday mee􀆟ngs
3. Segregate Library/Literature management

D. Financial Management
1. Maintain weekly deposits and spreadsheet ledger
2. Re‐bid insurance policies
3. Make available monthly financial reports to membership: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Comparison Report

E. Communicati􀆟on
1. Maintain updated website and conti􀆟nue with weekly newsletters
2. Hold an all-members meet􀆟ing annually

F. Operation of Club based upon principle of service.  We have enough captains, we need more deckhands!


September 19, 2016


Another rocking Sunday AM at Westside Club with several hundred people gathered to celebrate sobriety, clarity and purpose.  It’s always a delight  to meet your fellow AA people and particularly old-timers like  Dick A., fresh in from Paris and the very first name not he Founders Board of Westside. He promised to volunteer upon his return.  He was delighted with the T-Shirts and was reminiscing about Westside when it was on Pennsylvania Avenue in the basement next to the boiler.  Great in the Winter…not so good in the Summer.

Anyway, he promised to get a picture of himself wearing the T-Shirt in Paris.  Marianne W.  presented him with the shirt…front and back and we are looking forward to that perfectly cropped AA photograph. Ginny G a long-time member joined the conversation as they have known each other for THIRTY EIGHT years. She celebrated Friday.  GO GURL!

Processed with Snapseed.

Our volunteers on the snack bar were Marianne, Jonel, Laureen and Gretchen. We are profoundly grateful that you serve the many Westside attendees. We are probably the most caffeinated group of Alcoholics in the country with five types of coffee served along with the bagels!


Memorial Meeting for Mike W.

Mike W, a long-time member of the Club died after a short illness on August 19th.  There will a joint Memorial AA/Al-Anon Service held on September 18th from noon to 1 PM in the Carpenter Room.  Fellowship and refreshments to follow. As we cannot publish any more information on the subject online, we recommend you to the flyers that have been posted on the cork bulletin boards around the Club.



There are over thirty meetings a week at Westside Club and so we thought we’d drop by a few each week and let you know what’s happening.  Noon is a great time as all the meetings are chaired,  the atmosphere always relaxed and the main room streaming with light.. Many of our members take in a noon meeting to restart the day and ease into the afternoon often spending a few hours together after lunch.

The “Promises” meeting on Thursday chaired jointly by Duke and Courney has been drawing a very pleasant  crowd.  Focusing  on pages 83 and 84 after the 9th Step in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. it’s a good prelude to the “Drop the Rock” meeting on Friday evenings which we mentioned on August 16th.

David V. chairs the “ALL ADDICTIONS Noon STRAGGLERS’ MEETING”  Tuesday noon which allows members who suffer a variety of addictions in addiction to alcohol (drugs, eating, gambling) to share in comfort and anonymity in a non-judgmental atmosphere..  His well chosen speakers such as Ted G. share experience about addiction and recovery not only in the US but also in Africa, Indonesia, etc. Several of our members, including David, have had absolutely amazing experiences all over the world……..  Finally, if you are looking for some excitement, visit the “Men’s Rap” on Thursday nights at 8:30 PM. You’ll experience great fellowship, a lot of loud cheering and laughing and industrial sobriety with members driving from as far as Frederick, Maryland. It’s a rowdy old-fashioned mens meeting. As time goes on, we plan to explore a couple of meetings a week.

If you want to publicize a meeting or boost membership or are starting a new meeting, please write us at “” If “restless, irritable and discontent” seems to be your diagnosis, make a meeting and volunteer some time. It will do you a world of good!

And if you’ve got some time on your hands, try googling “The AA Promises” and discover “The Promises, Early Version”(by Don H., Grapevine, December 2003) and a number of versions of “The Promises in Reverse.” You will be amazed before you are half way through!

LABOR DAY: September 5, 2016


The 10:30 AM Federal Holiday special meeting schedule will be in effect this Labor Day, September 5th.  We look forward to seeing you at the regularly scheduled “Attitudes &Actions” Meeting at 7 AM, the Federal Holiday Meeting meeting at 10:30 AM, or  the regularly scheduled noon meeting at 12:00.  Or come to all three!!  Marty will have the coffee made for both the 10:30 and noon meetings.  So many ways to stay sober at the Westside Club!  Have a good holiday!

September 4, 2016

Another Sunday filled with good sobriety and fellowship and record attendance.  Bagels continue to be served free thanks to our anonymous donors.  Courtesy of Suzy, there is an old-fashioned  glass jar on the snack counter if you are interested in donating to the Bagel/Cream Cheese fund.  The “Snackettes” (Jonell, Lauren, Marianne, and Erica) were up early slicing, and the line formed up promptly . We also had  five different types of coffee ready to suit the most discriminating caffeine fiend.   We are looking for more volunteers for Saturday and Sunday.  Westside t-shirts are currently only available to volunteers and that is as it should be.  If you want to be of service and look smashing in a handsome Westside t-shirt, volunteer to help out around the Club.  To volunteer, send an email to  Indicate the days and times you would like to volunteer.



One of the nice things about the return of cool weather is that people are starting to ride their bikes to the club.  Please do not forget your locks as there is not enough room for bikes inside the Club, and they damage the walls and beautiful hardwood floors.   We have been known to make exceptions, but on a busy Sunday morning, there simply isn’t room. The outside stairway is soon going to be fixed, and we are negotiating to have permanent bike racks installed in the alley to make storing your bike safer.  We are also considering a camera or two in the alley for security for both you and your bike.

August 28, 2016

This Sunday morning in sunny Georgetown, we will be doing our weekly bagel meeting and more.  It’s a wonderful thing to see the Club alive and vibrant.  And the early morning light along Wisconsin Ave is just stunning.  See you there.


You should have received paperwork for a change in the bylaws of the Club.  Kevin W. and Stephen B. will be around today and this week to answer questions you might have.  We don’t need eleven people on the board to order coffee, clean the bathrooms or vacuum the rugs.  The boards function has changed and a five person working board can accomplish far more efficiently than eleven.


August 26, 2016


TGIF!  For the alcoholic working a program of recovery, our character defects can either be our greatest strength or a debilitating weakness.  But the 6th and 7th steps that outline how to deal with our character defects occupy just a mere 2 short paragraphs in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Because of this, it is easy for many alcoholics to pass over these two steps without their proper due diligence.

In order to give these vital steps a more careful examination, we here at Westside have started a “Drop the Rock” meeting that specifically focuses on the practice of the 6th and 7th steps.  The meeting consists of reading from the book, “Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects – Steps Six and Seven,” followed by group discussion. This new meeting meets on Fridays, at 7pm in the meeting room across from the snack bar.


Weekend Update:   August 23, 2016

Things are quite literally rocking along at Westside.  You can feel the energy and karma flowing from morning ’til night.  Weekend meetings draw hundreds and are uniquely energizing especially the one that dwells on the “fourth dimension”. The “Oh so casual” noon meetings have been increasing in attendance and  draw  a mix of long-term and new sobriety which is refreshing.   Every meeting now has a chair (or two)….as this makes it easy to get great speakers. DC is filled with creative people who paid a fortune to own their stories so take advantage.

The T-shirts were a great success and we hope to see all of our volunteers wearing them.  You can buy them  online but they only have “cred” if you’ve done service in them. In September we will begin training sessions  for volunteers. These will cover everything from “greeting to using the BIG COFFEE POT to mailing lists and financial management”.

The more our membership is informed about the Club, the easier it is to stay open more frequently and moving forward with our sobriety. Service is the core our our society and we see this DIY Club Management encouraging club members young and old to stay involved.  The board is hoping to bring on a couple of “Young People in AA” as they are the future of the Club.  It’s interesting how few people know the realities of AA’s growth and how much struggle there was to develop the principles we work with.  Not “conference approved” Susan Cheever’s book “My Name is Bill” is an excellent introduction to the complexities of AA and also a reminder how lucky we are that principles were developed which have sustained us for almost eight decades.

****We have tried to reach out to all the meetings to see how the board can be supportive  so make sure you let us know by writing

Have a great week! Cool and Breezy is the forecast!

AUGUST 15, 2016

Anniversaries of Note

Dennis K. (piano player  and “I’ve just kept it simple…} celebrated 36 years last week at Dupont Circle Club surrounded by a lot of sober friends. Good to see everyone and a reminder to us all as to why we do what we do….and that is go to meetings!  Joan S., no stranger to sobriety herself, made this poster which sat in back of Dennis as he lead the meeting.


AUGUST 14, 2016

We had record attendance all week and this Sunday drew a record crowd.   Thanks to a couple of anonymous donors, FREE BAGELS are back. We’ve had a total of $2500.00 donated and $1000.00 more promised towards the bagel fund so keep that gym membership!  We are looking to hit $6500.00 per year for bagels so take a bite and dig deep!


Our DIY approach to Club management is looking tremendously successful.  There are more service and sponsorship opportunities for everyone and the Club is more accessible than ever.The new lock (see below) with its “classroom function” is very successful.  It allows us to put out more keys and so make the Club more accessible for longer periods of time.  It’s success hinges on your NOT USING the back stairway  There are quite a few keyholders who open the club for meetings and conferences.  In the past, he or she had to shepherd everyone out before they locked up.  Now, the key holder can leave when she/he is ready and club members can still be inside the clubbed when they leave,  the door locks behind them.

We have a new staff member, James R. who is responsible for maintaining and stocking the club.  He is with us on Thursdays and Sundays.  Many of you know him so please say hello.

Meeting are as plentiful and wonderful so the essence of Westside is unchanged.   The “Attitudes and Actions”  group is certainly self-sufficient and does their own coffee setup. The “oh so casual” noon meetings are “self-service.” On  Wednesday through Saturday evenings, the counter is staffed as there are multiple meetings. The counter on Wednesday is run by Max and old friend Marty on Thursday, Fridays and Saturday evening.  The Saturday and Sunday morning volunteers are so attractive that I noticed a couple of fellows missed their meeting!  We are getting better together! On the website there is both a meeting schedule and a calendar for those interested in service positions.  Hanging out at the Club is a great way to meet people!

The House Committee is planning on a public meeting in September. We need time to develop a coherent and balanced budget. The long and short of it is…. everything is fine!  The Club was overdue for reorganization.  The NO BRAINER is that your generosity as members and daily donors is the key to the Club’s continued success.  More soon….

AUGUST 5, 2016

After much consideration, we have decided to operate without a full-time club manager.  This will save us money and enable members to put in some service.  The yellowish boxes represent meetings that are “self-sufficient”. The blue boxes are hours where we need volunteers and where our Marty will be offering volunteer training on Thursday and Friday evenings. We plan to do in-depth training sessions for volunteers on Thursday and Friday evenings and select Saturdays.

The calendar below will be made live on the web so you can see what hours your friends are volunteering and perhaps team up.  To volunteer, send an email to “” and indicate the hours you would like to volunteer.   Service at Westside ROCKS!  It’s a chance to meet new acquaintances, get together with your friends, sponsees or sponsor and enjoy the Westside Club.

A British couple (Nick and Kristi) visited with us from Abu Dhabi this week and described Westside Club as POSH—“Port Out, Starboard Home”  (the most sought after berths on a ship bound to and from India!  We agree!!!




For everyone’s convenience and safety, we have installed a “Classroom Function” (below) lock on the front door. It is designed so that when the assigned key holder leaves, he or she can simply lock the bottom lock and the club will be secure.   When the classroom function is enabled, people who stay behind can leave at their leisure and the door will close and lock behind them.   When you key holders are leaving,  lock the bottom lock by turning key counterclockwise  in lower lock and double checking before going down stairs? It’s not fool-proof but we want to make sure that you have maximum bang for your buck!  As always you are responsible for the safety of your fellow club members. Watch out for those earth people!


No need to worry about the top lock as that is now just an additional safety feature To enter, simply unlock both locks. You will notice that the bottom or Classroom Function lock requires you to turn the key about 180 degrees to lock or unlock the key and that’s the only difference. We hope this is an addition convenience and that you will continue to be responsible for the safety of your fellow members.

July 8, 2016 Newsletter

It’s a bright new day at Westside Club just as summer kicks into high gear, and we are definitely ready!  Our entry alley, which has been covered in scaffolding, obstructed by construction debris, and dripping who knows what, is now clean and welcoming.  Our website has been updated and our meeting schedule has been revised.  Check out the site on your mobile device.  The Menu is very slick and allows for quick navigation on your phone.  We’ve also added a section for ANNIVERSARIES so if you let us know, we’ll post them on a regular basis. We’ve cleaned up the Club, including closets, snack bar, storage areas, and the lounge area.  If you haven’t been to the Westside Club in a while, check us out at  Come back, and get involved.



  • Become a member of the Westside Club.
  • Sign up to celebrate your AA anniversary at the Saturday Night Speaker’s Meeting.
  • Make a donation.
  • Share your experience, strength, and hope in a meeting.
  • Find yourself a new Home Group at the Club.
  • Be the hand of AA for the newcomer.
  • Chair a meeting.
  • Check out the list of Character Defects on the wall in the Main room.
  • Volunteer for a service position.
  • Sponsor a newcomer.
  • Make a suggestion about how we can improve.
  • To donate or become a member, simply click on the picture below to go to our new online shop. Samples of our literature and options for membership are explained  We are using both Square and Paypal to process credit cards. The Square account is integrated with a central reader and two auxiliary card readers and reduces our fees. It allows us to process both credit cards with the new security chip and Apple Pay.  We can also take cards over the phone. The Square reader in the club is an interesting device in that it speeds up transactions, you sign with your finger and get a receipt for your records seconds later. The webpage below integrates with a database to keep track of inventory as we develop a library of books and other literature.  

Image 7-9-16 at 12.46 PM


Westside Club has over 3000 square feet of meeting rooms all with large windows and high ceilings.  The elegant trim and perfectly lit rooms (the main room has a gigantic skylight) make for a great atmosphere for meetings.  Currently, we host 32 Twelve-Step meetings weekly, all of which act independently but in support of our common goal of recovery.
Over the years, the Westside Club has hosted a variety of meetings and activities, such as anniversary celebrations, holiday lunches, dances, open mic evenings, pizza parties, art shows, memorial services, and even a wedding reception!  If you have an idea for a meeting or event, speak to our club manager for further information.