The Westside Club is a private non-profit organization formed to primarily to provide a space where groups devoted to the recovery of alcoholics and drug addicts can meet. While many of the meetings held at the club are Alcoholoics Anonymous (AA) meetings, the Westside Club itself is not AA. Rather, the club provides space for AA and other groups, thereby facilitating recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

In order to function, the Westside Club naturally has expenses. These expenses include rent, payroll, literature, snack bar supplies, and miscellaneous items. Obviously, the club must take in funds adequate to cover these expenses. The club’s revenues essentially come from the following sources:

  • Membership dues
  • Donations
  • Meetings
  • Fund raising events
  • Snack bar and other sales

Member’s of the Westside Club help make it possible to provide space, events and fellowship for so many people in recovery. By becoming a member and renewing your membership annually, you are engaging in service work. You are practicing the 12 Step by helping to carry the message to others in recovery and are freely giving back some of what you been so freely given. In addition, members receive a copy of the quarterly newsletter and are free to attend monthly meetings of the House Committee.

Membership dues are $125.00 per year payable in advance or $31.25 if paid quarterly. If you are not a member, or your membership has expired, we encourage you to join or renew today. All dues are tax deductible, and each member will receive a letter for tax purposes.

Membership forms and envelopes are also available at the club snack bar. Or, you may simply make your check out to the Westside Club, write the word membership on the check and mail to:

The Westside Club
Attn: Club Manager
1341 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20007

Upon receipt of your dues new members will receive a letter confirming your membership. The more members we have, the better we will be able to serve!